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The Gardiners Bay Estates Homeowners Association is working to protect our local environment and improve the health and productivity of our Nationally recognized Peconic Bay Estuary.  

This website explains what we are doing to reduce the pollution in Spring Pond. This site also explores our future plans for road improvements and maintenance projects that will enhance the quality of our neighborhood and the beautiful coastal waters that our community is so fortunate to enjoy.

How It All Started 
Last July the Board began to investigate the costs of several major road improvements.  As the process began, we quickly realized that a responsible road plan also involved an obligation to address the related issue of  STORMWATER RUNOFF, which can pollute local waters, and all the life that these waters support. 

As a result of our investigation, we learned that when our community was first established (nearly 100 years ago), the primary method of dealing with our drainage was to have it all dump directly into the Pond. This has continued to date.

Today, we know that our drainage water contains many pollutants and these pollutants can have a significant negative impact on the the waters that we all love to use for swimming, boating, and fishing. We also now know that these pollutants have already had a significant impact on Spring Pond.

In 2008, Spring Pond and the area 500 feet adjacent to the entrance of the main channel was closed for shellfishing by New York State due to water pollution. Instead of ignoring the problem or leaving the work to someone else, we decided to take action, improve the health of Spring Pond and set an example that other communities like ours could follow.

Learn More 
Please take this opportunity to browse through the website to learn about our PROJECT INFO, PROGRESS, and WHAT YOU CAN DO to help protect Spring Pond, our community's number one asset. 

We Need Your Help 
The costs of road improvements and proper drainage is not cheap.  Our aim is to raise as much as possible to minimize the community's financial burden. One way to do that is to aggressively apply for grants.  To date, we have already received $30,000 towards the initiative and received great press coverage. Plans to apply for additional grants are in the works. However, any little bit that you could contribute would help tremendously.  Please visit our DONATE page to help support this important project that will help protect our community's environmental, historic and recreational resources.  

 - Gardiners Bay Estates Homeowners Association Board of Directors 
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